Our Values

1) Freedom of Speech: The Sunderland Union firmly believes in freedom of speech concerning its speakers and events. Although we reserve our rights to choose who may or not be invited, we do not advocate a “no-platforming” policy, as typically seen on University Campuses purely on the basis of one’s opinion. We may contemplate views and speakers that may be deemed “controversial” providing their positions are reasonable, logical and well-thought out.

2) Equality and Egalitarianism: The Sunderland Union Society endeavours to be a down to earth organization which connects with ordinary people and distinguishes itself from its counterparts by rejecting their “upper class” culture, which often comes with overpriced private events and fancy-dos. We represent Sunderland as a working class city and as a result, our society is not solely for students, but for everyone. It is therefore our mission to make our events affordable.

3) A dedication to Sunderland: The Sunderland Union society loves and lives Sunderland. An integral part of our mission is to dedicate our work towards the benefit it brings to the area and it’s people. We reject negativity and pessimism regarding our city and seek to more properly unleash its potential. We believe Sunderland has a bright future above all, and work hard to break existing stereotypes and prejudices by inviting people to come here.