About us

The Sunderland Union society is a public speaking, debating and events organization which is dedicated to putting our city back on the map.

Three of England’s most prestigious universities, Oxford, Durham and Cambridge, have long hosted traditional “Union Societies”, which usually dedicated to students, invite big names from around the world to speak or host fancy balls. To everyday people, these clubs are perceived to exist inside an “elite bubble”, only available to the privileged and wealthy.

But we believe in making a difference and for the greater good of all. The Sunderland Union society aims to do the same thing as its counterparts, but in a way which benefits ordinary people. Our goal is to organize events and notable people to come and speak not at an elite university club, but here in Sunderland instead, offering opportunities and incentives to local people and the wider region.

The SU is not affiliated in any way with the University of Sunderland, or its student union, but is its own organization. The Sunderland Union Society, as per its peers, operates on a principle of free speech. We take impartiality seriously, and accept all reasonable political views and outlooks from across the spectrum accordingly from those who are in objective good standing. In turn, our disclaimer is that an invitation to participate does not constitute a political endorsement.